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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Full Course - HVAC Course (Part 58)


 In this part of Full HVAC Course, We will learn about Equal Friction Method of Duct Design..

Equal Friction Method of Duct Design

HVAC Duct Design by Equal Friction Method

Equal Friction Method Is The Only Method Which Is 100% Reliable To Replace HVAC or Air Conditioner Ducts Without Any Possible Fault In View

Equal Friction Duct Design

In this method, two pieces of steel or copper are joined together with equal friction. The results are extremely flexible in structure and cut like a razor blade. The equal friction method has high efficiency in cooling units. It can be used even for steam, compressor, and high voltage units to operate with minimum chances of mechanical failure. It has a considerable weight saving property.

Equal Friction Duct Design also has low dimensional and weight cost. It makes use of electrical conductors and rubber belts.

The equal friction method is most suitable for following reasons:

High degrees of flexibility

Low maintenance cost

The slim joints of the equal friction ducts makes it easy to install them in a difficult space such as high ceilings and wall voids.

Equal friction duct design has great advantages over the other design methods. The joints of this duct can have no sharp bends. It is highly resistant to any form of damage and deterioration caused by earthquakes and winds. It is also a very fast, simple, and economical replacement method for HVAC or air conditioning ducts.

Equal friction duct design is most suitable for those who are planning to construct a large complex of office or industrial buildings.

Equal friction duct design

Below Are The Different Types Of Equal Friction Duct Design

By using the electric conductors and rubber belts and a few bolts, it can be replaced.

Composite duct design

The composite duct is the most economical and reliable duct design.

It is used for HVAC equipment, refrigeration, and dehumidification. It can replace any other design type used for ducts. This duct is extremely flexible in structure and work with minimal joints.

The composite duct is made of fiberboard and a few sheets of copper or steel. It can work with almost all types of fluid coolers. It is easy to install in narrow spaces, flat roofs, and sloping roof. It can work with inverted cooler.

By using the composite duct design, a duct is connected to the compressor unit through the pipe. The material is pressed and immersed in the hot and cold water or steam. The metal is formed in the shape of a thin tube.

What is Equal Friction Method in duct design?

Equal Friction Method is a specific technique to align the distance between the fans for duct construction.

A fan must be facing toward the surface that is a duct, and the gasketed openings in the duct must be situated in a certain way to create the equal friction between the blades and the duct surface.

For the EFM to work it must be followed properly in duct design.

It is so fundamental to the duct system that it’s been said that you can’t build a decent duct system without it.

But I think this is important to know for a variety of reasons.

For one, if you can understand how to build the right systems with the EFM, then you are a step ahead in the work with respect to HVAC.

You will need it for lots of different systems.

If you don’t understand how to build your ductwork with the EFM then you will likely have to spend a lot of time messing with mechanical mods, creating your own lofts, or whatever other fix that the system needs.

That makes it time wasted.

Secondly, if you use the EFM in your duct work, you don’t have to pay a vent man to come in and make sure your ductwork is aligned correctly.

The EFM helps you do that.

And if you don’t do it, then the vent man will take care of it.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the EFM is easy to do.

It only requires that you use a three-point gate and center two heavy ducts.

Then you set a fan for every four square feet and screw in two pieces of lacing and you are done.

That’s it.

It’s extremely easy to do, so don’t be afraid of it.

It’s nothing to be scared of.

You will see that it’s a time-saver.

And it helps you save money in the long run, which you don’t want to do.

How to design HVAC duct using Equal Friction Method?

There are few things to do before installing a new HVAC duct in your home or a room. Before a new HVAC duct is installed, we will need to consider some things. If you have ever laid eyes on a new HVAC duct, you must have noticed that there are two parallel lines that should join together. These lines should be slightly higher than the floor level.

Once the HVAC duct system is installed, it is very important that the junctions between the two parallel lines should not be of uneven height. If this happens, the duct system will have difficulty working. At times, there might be a lower or higher junction. The opposite of these junctions is the top of the duct. This might be more difficult to inspect.

That is where the Equal Friction Method comes into play. So, let’s understand this method.

What is Equal Friction Method?

The Equal Friction method (EFM) is the latest and the safest HVAC duct cleaning method. The EFM is a revolutionary and state of the art method. We will explain you in detail about this new method.

EFM starts with laying the paper that is imprinted with the HVAC system markings or with an identification number. The next step is to clean the entire area and inspect the ducts.

Using a special device called a borescope, a HVAC duct can be inspected. The borescope is capable of making a complete inspection of the duct system in an instant.

In the event, any mistakes have occurred, the collar will automatically tighten and prevent the duct system from turning. The device uses the principle of friction and lubrication. This method is so flexible that you can clean or inspect any ducts.

We have used the EFM in home HVAC ducts with no problem. The EFM made the duct cleaning process smoother and easier. This unique method makes the HVAC system work better. It can be used to inspect and clean other HVAC systems as well.

Making HVAC ducts work is easy and safe now. You don’t have to worry about cuts or anything. All you need to do is follow this method. We will teach you how to use it and we will also share some good results.

If you find your HVAC system is not working as expected or it needs to be repaired or replaced, it is very important to take these steps before buying new HVAC ducts.

This advanced method for cleaning HVAC ducts can help you do better work. Don’t let HVAC ducts take a back seat and let this latest HVAC duct cleaning method help you improve your HVAC ducts.

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